Lotus Evora by Mansory

Lotus Evora tune up becoming the new products that adorn the world’s automotive innovations on the this time. Lotus Evora by Mansory is an automotive product that will be one of those automotive products that will enliven the exhibition in Geneva.  Lotus Evora is a masterpiece of the renowned tuning company that has a name mansory. In Geneva later, automotive enthusiasts will see more detail the quality of the Lotus Evora. At this time there has been no detailed information on matters related to the Lotus Evora, Lotus and Mansory because companies are not members know in detail the product. But the company is to provide a general picture about the quality and matters relating to the Lotus Evora. They did keep it Wanting to give a sense of curiosity to automotive enthusiasts who are waiting for the Lotus Evora product.  In general can be known that the Lotus Evora has the following features, the first is carbon fiber. Such materials are the highest quality materials owned by Lotus and E

McLaren MP4-12C Supercar

After Mclaren has world debut the super car McLaren MP4-12C at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Now Maclaren has go on a tour of its selected North American dealership locations for McLaren MP4-12C Supercar. Those interested in purchasing one for their driveway will have the chance to talk to the McLaren Automotive team that is responsible for producing the new supercar. McLaren MP4-12C using a mid engine V8, 3800 cc, twin-turbo, which produces 592 hp and torque of 600 Nm. The  Super car McLaren MP4-12C uses rear-wheel-drive system and equipped with 7 speed dual clutch gearbox. 0-200 km / h predicted less than 10 seconds. While 200-0 km / h in under 5 seconds. The MP4-12C using carbon chassis MonoCell. McLaren has tried to better the Italia for the driving comfort also and for this has given the MP4-12C a complete carbon fiber chassis. The car has been designed with a flat turbo induced torque curve and has a 7 speed in-house dual-clutch gearbox. With bespoke suspension and tracti

Mazda MX-5 Record Series

Mazda celebrates its entry into the Guinness Book of World Records, Mazda MX-5 Record Series. This special edition will be offered in two versions, the black version is limited to only 120 units, and the Whites are produced exclusively by the Hiroshima branch of the house in Italy. The White MX-5 Record will hold 2.0 liter engine with 160 hp, which is combined with a six-speed manual and automatic transmission. The exterior was painted with white color of the Pearl Chryslat contrasting with the color of black leather Recaro interior. This release will focus on the sport model, so that the addition of sport suspension and rear limited-slip differential. While inside the premium Bose audio system with six CD changer offers, Bluetooth connectivity, and seven speakers. The Black Record MX-5 will be equipped with 1.8-liter engine capable of delivering 126 horsepower and is paired with a five-speed manual gearbox. This car will be painted with the color of Black lighting combined with a glos

Travelling Safely With Your Child

When you have children your priorities suddenly change and from this point on you have to be completely responsible for someone else's life. A small child relies on you completely for its protection and welfare. A child's safety is particularly important when travelling. It is the drivers' responsibility to ensure that all passengers are properly strapped into the car, especially children until they can be taught to strap themselves in. Child Seats And Other Protective Measures Every year around 30 children between the ages of 0 and 11 are killed in car accidents, 450 are seriously injured and another 8,000 are slightly injured. Many of these children could have been spared from injury if they had been properly restrained in the car they were travelling in. For example in a crash at 30 mph where a child is unrestrained they would be thrown forwards with a force of between 30 and 60 times their own body weight. There is no substitute for a proper child seat that is fitted ac

Audi TT : Lightweight Aluminum Body And Improved Suspension

Completely new, the Audi TT sports car follows on the theme adopted by most big car makers with new models. Bigger means better, and garnish the dish with an upgraded interior. The coupe is available now, with the roadster set to follow soon. Despite following the up-sizing path, the new Audi TT sports car breaks the mold. It has a body structure made mostly from aluminum, so the new car is lighter than the old one ? not many makers can make that boast. This is an important move. Prior to the development of this model the VW Group was wedded to the use of a range of standard under bodies for different marques of the same size? A3, TT, VW Golf and Seat Toledo for example. Now, the designers of the different marques have more freedom in combining standard units with special ones where they can justify it. The Audi TT is the first example from the VW Group reflecting the new freedom, and the result is a big improvement all round. Audi was able to do this because it has been making bodies

Nissan Terra, Suitable For Various Road Conditions

Although Nissan Terra's sales figures only numbered 35 units in May 2020. This figure is still high compared to the Toyota Fortuner. Most people choose this car because it has sufficient performance and durability. Its use is very appropriate for crossings in various road conditions. The need for this SUV is also still in demand, even though during the pandemic, car sales generally experienced a decline. The choice of Nissan Terra has several advantages that make it even more popular. Some of them include, a cabin with a capacity of 7 passengers, machines, features, prices and warranty guarantees. SUV with a capacity of 7 people The exterior design of the Nissan Terra is tough and manly. Apart from that, this car is very functional with good performance. The capacity to accommodate passengers can reach 7 passengers with three-row seat arrangement and the remaining empty space as luggage. In dimensions, this car has the appearance of the best SUV with a length of up to 4,895 mm, a h

Changes On The Latest Daihatsu Xenia

Astra Daihatsu Motor launches the family low category MPV car, the Daihatsu Xenia facelift, named Grand New Xenia. Surely you want to know, what are the latest Daihatsu Xenia 2019 changes compared to the Xenia 2018 configuration? With the name change to Daihatsu Grand New Xenia, formerly known as Great New Xenia, there will be significant changes in the configuration of the Xenia car. Especially on the latest Daihatsu Xenia exterior, interior and engine. Will the configuration changes on the 2019 Daihatsu Grand New Xenia compete with the category of low MPV vehicles in Indonesia? Let's see, what a change in the new Grand New Xenia 2019. The latest Daihatsu Xenia 2019 changes are not significant and are still in the facelift category, so the configuration is not All New Xenia 2019. Therefore, many features and configurations of Xenia cars that you find in Daihatsu Xenia 2018 are also active Daihatsu Xenia 2019 latest. Visible in the latest exterior design and interior of the Daihats